Proven Truth About Cant Lose Weight Myth

The body type diet is based on the type of metabolism your body has. You can recognize your Body Type based on your body’s shape each Body Type has its own shape. But your Body Type has a more important reality; your shape is a signal of the type of metabolism you have. The body type diet says that you should eat based on the shape of your body.

Your Body Type is determined by which of your major glands is strongest in your metabolism.

The body has four major glands: the thyroid, the adrenal, the pituitary and gonads or sex glands. According to which of these glands dominates your system, women can be Thyroid Types, Adrenal Types, Gonadal Types or Pituitary Types. There are only three body types for men as the Adrenal and Gonadal types are combined. The body type diet takes these glands into consideration in recommending the kinds of foods you should eat.

You will crave certain types of foods which satisfy your dominant gland.

For instance, a Thyroid type person will look to give her thyroid a “rush.” Sweet and starchy foods give her a high – which is produced in the thyroid.

Similarly, an Adrenal type person will crave foods which have a great deal of salt and fat in them. Pitutiary types get their cravings satisfied by dairy foods. Finally, Gonadal type women are stimulated by rich and spicy foods.

When you stimulate your dominant gland, you will gain weight as it takes more and more of the stimulant to satisfy the gland. The body type diet is designed to take this factor into consideration.

Since you crave foods which stimulate your dominant gland, in time you tire or exhaust your dominant gland. For instance, Thyroid types crave sweets and starches, which stimulate the thyroid. This results in the overworked thyroid gland becoming sluggish which leads to lack of energy and weight gain. It is not unusual for Thyroid types actually have to take thyroid hormone because they have exhausted their dominant gland. The same process is true for people with other gland types.

When you know your Body Type, you know which foods result in overstimulation and consequently make you overweight. When you avoid these foods and also eat plenty of foods which stimulate your other, less active glands, it takes the stress off the dominant gland and allows it to recover. When you stop overstimulating your dominant gland, your food cravings come under control naturally. You will find that over time, the cravings you once had disappear.
The basic principle of the body type diet is to eat less of the foods that satisfy your dominant gland and more of the foods which support and nourish the less active glands. This results in a balanced body, increased energy, and natural control of food cravings.

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